The Outlaw Game History: 

    The plotline for The Outlaw Game actually originated from a game like D &D. (Dungeons and Dragons )  Basically, a few years ago, some friends of mine always played this game they called "The Outlaw Game" where they basically acted out all that happened. They created their own characters, races, names, hairstyles, classes, weapons, and everything. They could do all of this with ease, because it was in their imagination. So, I finally decided to create a game of it. Seeing as it is not ever going to be as good as I imagined it, i tried my best. The Outlaw game is currently in production, and is expected to be done sometime this summer. Screenshots will be put up soon though. 

This is a map of the nation of Orah, where The Outlaw Game takes place. (for those of you who have played Reign Of Jupiter, EverRain was flooded and became the lake you see in the top right corner)  

   More information will be posted on The Outlaw Game soon. For now, reply to anything on my topic:

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