Joining The Assasins

Joining the assasins is a little more difficult than joining The Church. You actually have to prove yourself worthy of an assasin's life. Their lair is hidden in the basement of the house with borded windows. Notice it's locked. So, you need to get the key. There is only one person with a key, and he's a bit of a scum bag. Go talk to Scummy outside the Bar, and ask him about a Letter Of Reccomendation. He'll tell you he knows a few people who could forge you some, and he'll give you the key to the boarded house. Enter the house, (by the weapon shop) and climb down the ladder. You'll be confronted by the Leader Assasin. He'll tell you about the clan, and ask if you wish to join. TELL HIM YES!!! Even if you are not going to join. If you don't he'll assume you know too much, and he'll kill you. The mission he sends you on is simple. Travel to The White Fish Tavern, and find the adventurer there. Kill him quickly, check his body for the amulet, and return. The gates will open, and your in.       

Assasination Mission                       

The mission for this is rather simple, but it does not tell you where to find your victim. Well, like the Smuggler's Stronghold, he is also found in the sewers. Enter the sewers in the 'EverRain Facilities Building'. Then, go right until you reach a tunnel going up. Follow it up, and then turn right. You'll find yourself at an intersection. You can either go left, or up. Go left, and you will find yourself in a long room. Follow it up, and turn right. At the end of the tunnel, you should find a piece of Keynae Armor in a chest among a few barrels. Then, go back to the beginning and follow the tunnel going left. You will soon run into your victim. Yurton. Yurton will accuse you of coming for him, and he will instantly attack you. He looks tough, but looks can be deciving. Kill him, and take his necklace. Then, bring it back to the Master Assasin. He will be very happy with your work, and then tell you to leave and not come back. But, he forges you a........ Letter Of Reccomendation! Once you have it, you have no need to go back to the Assasin's HIdeout. Go speak with the GateGuard and he will get you started on your Quests For The King.


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