The King's Sad Tale 

Once you have the Letter Of Reccomendation, go speak with the guard at the gate. He will tell you that no one enters the castle. Show him the Letter Of Reccomendation, and he will arrange for you to meet with the king. You meet him at his table for dinner, and the king tells you he is impressed with your letter, and needs a favor. After his guards are gone, he tells you the history of Lord Jupiter. He then starts to cry, and tells you that some power hungry monks who are trying to resurrect Lord Jupiter. They have the altar and all. All they need is Royal Blood. He continues to tell you that his son was kidnapped, and that they plan to spill his blood all over the altar, and resurrect Lord Jupiter. He tells you he needs you to save him, but first find a book on Lord Jupiter.

'Reign Of Jupiter' A Best-Selling Novel

 He tells you to look in a library. You can go inquire of the librarian in EverRain's library, but he tells you that no copies exsist, (except the occasional sumggled one. Hint-Hint) So, there is only one other library to look. The Smuggler's Library. Follow back down the sewers to find the Smuggler's Stronghold. (for directions to the stronghold, click here) The book will be laying on the floor. Press enter next to it, and pick it up. Then, bring it back to the King. He takes time to study it. While he's studying, go buy some fruit. You'll need it. Trust me.

One ring... A ring of power

 When you return, the king will be acting very urgently. He tells you that your power alone cannot bear Lord Jupiter (owch!) and that you need something to balance the powers between you.  So, he tells you that he has a secret entrance to where Zalpher's body lay buried, untouched from when he plunged into the well. He leads you into a secret chamber, and tells you to enter into the sacred tomb. Walk over to the ladder, and climb down. Once there, walk over to the body of Zalpher, and retreive the ring. Climb up the ladder, and the king gives you a quite inspiring speech about how you can beat him and all that junk. After that, he warps you to the Devil's Monastary.

Devil's Monastary

 When you appear in The Devil's Monastary, you will soom be greeted by a monk in red who will ramble on about someone trying to stop him and all that. Dispatch him with a few quick blows, and then walk up and try to proceed. You can't. So, you must find the key. And where oh where could the keys be?? Search all of the pots in the room, and eventually you'll find it. When you do, open the doors and enter the room.

The Chaos Prince

 When you enter the room, you'll find yourself face to face with The Chaos Prince. A short cutscene reveals that your mentor actually betrayed you, and used the power you gave him to to restore the altar. Being the jerk he is, The Chaos Prince kills them after they give him the item needed. Then, he turns on you.      This fight actually isn't that hard. If you know how to do it. Avoid running up and attacking him- he is very powerful, and will be able to kill you quickly. Instead, look for something else in the room to hurt him with. See anything?? Use the lava. All you need to do is walk around and make him follow you right into the lava. He will die shortly.

Lord Jupiter

   Once the Chaos Prince has died, you expect the game to be over, and Lord Jupiter to be un-resurrectable, right? WRONG!! Right before he dies, The Chaos Prince tears off his arm, and throws it at the altar. The blood from the arm seeps on the altar, and suddenly the altar explodes. There is a short cutscene of Lord Jupiter being released, and then you will appear in a large chamber with Lord Jupiter standing in the middle.

              The fight is a unique one. It's not super challenging, but its not very short either. The battle does seem to drag on for a very long time, if you don't have really good equipment. Now, if you have a full set of Keynae Armor, he should only deal 1's to you. Even though it doesn't seem like a lot of damage, it adds up with how many times you get nailed by a huge fireball. So, the strategy to fighting Lord J is this:

     There are many walls to hide behind, so use them to your advantage. He will start by launching fireballs at you. He can only shoot three or four until he stops to rest. (seeing as he's ancient) So, use this time as a whacking time. After his bouncing fireballs have disappeared, run up to him and whack him. Your character is smart, and will run away after the whack. And it's a very good idea. Lord Jupiter is right back to launching fireballs at you. Keep repeating this strategy. Run and hide while he launches, then go attack him. It will take a very long time, but eventually, he will die with a very loud scream.


The Aftermath

After he dies, the screen will suddenly black out. You will appear in the Prison of Spirits, where it tells you a brief history of where Jupiter was, and is again imprisoned. It may seem irrelevant to you, but it bleeds in a little to the next game, The Outlaw Game. A cutscene explains the ending, and thus ends Reign Of Jupiter!!


The nation of Orah is where EverRain is located, and where all of this takes place. The Outlaw Game is also based in Orah, but 500 years later. The once-town of EverRain is now a immensly large lake, flooded by the constant rains. But, EverRain and your heroism is not to be forgotten. If you visit the libraries and story books, you will find histories on EverRain, and also Lord Jupiter. Even the book you gave the king was preserved, and copies were made nation-wide. 'Reign Of Jupiter'. The release date is sadly not for a while though, seeing as I will create all of the land of Orah, map by map.

Until Then.

 Map of Orah. Lake Anwae is where EverRain once was.

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