Joining The Church 

Joining the church is fairly easy. As long as you are not a member of the assasin's guild. If you are, the monk outside will shun you away. To join, enter the church. Walk straight and come to a staircase. Climb the stairs. This will lead you to the Father Monk's room, Father Orius. Talk to him briefly, and he will soon give you the option to join the temple. Even if you refuse him, you will still be able to go back and join later.

  Quest for the Prayerstone

Once you have joined the church, Father Orius tells you that you must prove your loyalty to the church to get a letter of reccomendation. What you must do, is find a Prayerstone. Prayerstones were once very broad throughout the land, but now are extremely scarce, due to Lord Jupiter. He tells you he knows where to find a Prayerstone. A smuggler's stronghold. The stronghold is actually fairly hard to find.  First, enter the sewers through the 'EverRain Facility Building' , and climb down the ladder into the sewers. From there, go right. You will come to an intersection. You can either go right, or follow the sewers up. Follow them up, and soon turn left. After your left turn, there will be yet another intersection. Go up, and you will find yourself in the Smuggler's stronghold.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     You will instantly be greeted by two gate guards. They will be a little tough. Kill them, and make sure to check their bodies (you will find a steel sword and a smuggler's plate). Then, go right into the Smuggler's Library. Kill the pathetic mage, and take his pointy hat for fun. Then, walk up to the bookshelves in the North-Eastern corner. Press the action key on all of them, and two bookshelves will open to reveal a secret passageway. Follow it, and you will find a exclusive piece of Keynae Armor in a treasure chest. After you have that, exit the room, and enter the door down the left passageway. (as the main doors are still locked) Kill the paladin, and obtain the key from his body. The prisoner in the room doesn't do anything. He's just there. Now that you have the key, go back into the main hallway, open the doors, and enter the Boss Room.                                                                                The boss isn't all that hard. Basically, he only has one attack, and it's not short ranged. Meaning, if you get up close you him, he can't attack you. Get up close to him as soon as possible, dodging his exploding fireballs along the way. Get up close to him, and whack him like there's no tomorrow.  When he dies, the gates to the Prayerstone chamber will open. Go in, and retreive the Prayerstone. Then, return to The Church Of St. Kyson. Talk to Father Orius, and he will gladly accept the Prayerstone. Duh duh duh DUH!!! You now have your Letter Of Reccomendation!!! Go talk to the guard, and he will invite you to start doing Quests For The King. 

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