EverRain is basically a town where it always rains. (hence the EVER part :) ) It has a long and interesting history. But only for those who really care. If you really want to figure out out the history, read the bilbord in the town square, and talk to Father Uru outside. Now, i know what your probably thinking, because the same question confused me when i was making this game:  Why hasn't the town flooded yet??  :)


Really, none of these guys are important accept Scummy (in the courtyard that is). Everyone  else is just there to help you find your way to either the church or the assasins. And, once you have joined either of those guilds, you can kill most of them and ravage their bodies for money.

Keynae Armor Locations

Keynae Helmet- the keynae helmet really has to be purchased rather than found. It is found in the Fruit Storage Room, which can be bought from Meldor the fruit salesman for 500gp.

Keynae Plate- the keynae plate cannot be found until the very end. It is in the Devil's Monastary in the courtroom. There will be a small breakoff chamber to the right, with a door. Open it, and inside the chest you will find the keyne plate. 

Keynae Leggings- the keynae leggings can be found in a secret passage in the Smuggler's Stronghold Library. This is hidden, so you have to put some effort into looking. In the top right hand corner, press the enter key to move two bookshelves and enter the chamber.

Keynae Cloak- the keynae cloak can be found in Yurton's Hideout in the sewers. Follow the right passage to find it in a chest.

        The full set of Keynae Armor adds a huge amount of defense to your character, actually making it so that even Lord Jupiter only hits low damage on you. Do not be decieved though, he is still hard to fight.

Meldor's Fruit Storage Room

  The key to meldor's fruit storage room can be purchased from him for 500 gp. Inside the storage room, you will find:

Keynae Helmet

Health Enchantment

4 Bannanas

2 Green Apples



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